Slanghoek Road Tri 2015

This has to be one of the most picturesque race venues!
After a 2 lap swim, which I tried not to get too stressed about, I was ready to start racing. Coming out the water in about 20th position I had plenty of work to do!
I set off into the head wind and quickly got settled. Legs felt good and heart rate was high but under control. It gave me confidence that my power output was going to plan. By the time I reached the first turn around, at about 12km I had cycled into 4th place. Now it was time to fly with the tail wind. I managed a quick wave to friends as I passed the transition area and kept on cruising down to the turn around. Heading back to T2 I was now in 2nd place but Kelly, leading lady, was some distance ahead. The 2 lap off road run meandered through the sandy vineyards. My legs were tiring but I managed to keep a fairly constant pace. Always room for improvement, but on the whole I was happy with my race 🙂

2nd overall lady
1st open lady

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