Alpha Zero Tunnel Run

Tunnel RunSo good to be back trail running, although not a very technical run but still good fun.
20km out and back, and I was glad there wasnt too much climbing as my legs were already feeling a bit fatigued at the start!
I set off a bit too fast but quickly realised my legs and mind weren’t quite on the same page! It was a steady climb from the start, near the toll gates, up to the 4km long service tunnel which runs alongside the Huguenot Tunnel. Headlamps were compulsory but the tunnel was pretty well lit, with lights every 50m or so. There were a few potholes and puddles to dodge and some refreshing droplets from above.
The turn around through the other side of the tunnel was a small loop with a river crossing and then it was back through the tunnel and all downhill to the finish.
It was an extremely well organised race and hopefully will appear on the race calendar again.
6th overall lady
4th open lady

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