Cape Winter Trail Series 2013 #4


XL 23km: 1st (02:20:23)

With pretty stormy weather the night before I knew it was going to be a cold, wet and muddy race, but hey that’s what trail running is all about.

In actual fact when the race started the rain had passed and it was perfect running weather.

We set off on the first loop which included some lovely single track on fairly flat terrain and some climbing over rocks by the shore. There was a lot of water underfoot and lots of very large puddles! You would run through one ‘puddle’ and your feet would just be feeling warm again when you would meet the next ‘puddle’! I was in the lead from the start and was feeling great after the first 10km.

We crossed the road and then the climbing began. I was determined not to go the wrong way this year and fortunately the route was very well marked so I couldnt miss the split on the track.

I knew I had a good lead so I could take it a bit easier on the climb and save my legs for nearer the end. We were all very well spread out and could barely see the guy infront and behind – it was as if I had the trail to myself 🙂

Once I had readched the highest point it was a fast decent down the not too technical single track. I was steadied a little bit when our route joined with the Long Course route but most of the runners were very kind and let me pass.

The final stretch meandered along near the shore over wooden walkways. It was great to finish feeling that I had run a good race but wasnt too exhausted. The commentator actually missed me coming in so I gave him a quick tap on the shoulder to say Hi! and that the first XL lady had just finished!

Thanks Wildrunner for a great race and a great Cape Winter Trail Series.

Prize giving included the championship results so I cam home with a huge pile of goodies after taking the Long Course Championship as well as today’s XL race 🙂

CWTS13_KleinmondCWTS13_Kleinmond2CWTS13_Kleinmond3CWTS13_Kleinmond4 CWTS13_Kleinmond5CWTS13Prizes

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