Cape Winter Trail Series 2013 #3

CWTS_3Taal Monument – Paarl

Another win – woop woop 🙂

Another cracker of a day in the Western Cape – very different from last years cold and wet race day which made some of the sections of the route like ice.  And with dry conditions during the week the course was set to be a fast one. I was just hoping my legs were going to stand the challenge. They seemed ok but I was sure they would soon tell me on the first climb…. and they did! The first 1.5km was all uphill; I started off fine but after the first kay my quads were beginning to burn. The downhill on the jeep track that followed was a pleasure and much needed recovery for my legs.

After a small section of single track I soon got into a rhythm as we headed towards Paarl rock and the 400 steps. I must admit I took it quite easy up these steps. With the people infront walking I had no pressure to run! I had no idea how far back the next lady was but after a quick glance round I couldnt see anyone and I decided if I took it easy here then I could open up on the next downhill stretch. Incidently my legs seemed fine on the flat and downhill sections.

A quick chew on a 32Gi tab and I was refuelled and ready to fly. The rest of the route was jeep track, a lovely downhill from the rock, and then a long gradual climb before a fast downhill towards the finish at Taal Monument. The long course joined up with the short course so it was a nice confidence boost to pass the short course runners! And plenty of room to pass on the jeep track so I wasnt held up. I was warey that it could be a little bit slippy in places on the descent to the finish, although my NB minimus trail shoes have fantastic grip so I shouldnt have worried. So with no ladies on my heels I didnt push as hard as I could have; no point in slipping and injuring myself!

I came home with another comfortable win 🙂 and very grateful for the refreshing can of BOS ice tea handed to me when I finished.

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