Training with New Balance Multisport Club

2 days of good training with NBMC. Saturday was a slightly wet ride to Malmesbury and Sunday was a gentle road run. Great to get some kays in on the bike and on foot. Now time to start tapering for Knysna. I had some great lino treatment from Adele and my leg is feeling so much better. I had some very tight lines, especially down my lateral quads hence my sore hip area. And as always there were a few other tight spots which I hadnt noticed! With all this training I really should be getting frequent massages to keep myself in top form.

I’m really loving my Mobii. Its great analysing my rides/runs afterwards. And its fantastic to swim with too! Swimming to music makes it so much easier. And at the moment I’ve got it set so that it tells me my time every 2 minutes but I’m going to change it so it tells me my number of lengths instead. How clever is that?! Below are my cycle and run routes from this weekend:

NBMC Ride to Malmesbury NBMC Pack Run

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