Back to work….Back to reality!

HappyAfter a major high at the SA Duathlon champs it was back to work as usual on Monday morning. But amidst the web designing, html coding and advertising banner management I still had a big smile on my face! How nice it would be to be a professional athlete and not have to sit in an office all day!

Now it’s time to focus on my next challenge…Knysna marathon, which is less than 4 weeks away 🙂 I’m very excited as its my first marathon. And it’s going to be a fantastic weekend away with friends too 🙂

It’s also time to get back in the pool… My weakest phase so I need to work on it. This time last year I could only swim breatstroke and my first triathlon at Slanghoek consisted of me swimming it all breastroke! And not helped by the fact I panicked as it was my first open water swim and also you could fit at least one other person in my borrowed wetsuit!

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