11 Global 2014

Jenny NelThe setting for this race couldn’t have been more perfect, with Table Mountain in the background. Hot and windy conditions made the race tough though, so it was important to get the correct nutrition and fluid intake before, during and after the race.

The start was delayed by almost an hour which resulted in us standing in the baking heat with sweat pouring out from our wetsuits. The icey cold sea water, when we finally got started, was a welcome relief! 100m into the swim and the relief soon changed to slight panic as the big swells and thick kelp were pretty unnerving. It was very hard to get into a rhythm and trying to sight the buoys was near impossible. I’m just glad I dont get sea sick! I tried to keep relaxed and kept telling myself it was all good practice and it was just a ‘training’ race anyway. Having swum an extra 250m I finally reached the shore.

Now it was time to get a move on!

The bike route consisted of 4 laps; no hills to climb just the odd bit of uneven road to bounce you off your bars. A nice tailwind to the turn around and then it was head down back into the wind.

I stuck to my race plan to near perfection (impressive hey coach ;-)) and I entered T2 in the lead.

I eased into the run and soon found a rhythm. With 4 laps of out and back I could keep an eye on the other ladies. I was grateful I had built up a decent lead on the bike so I could relax and enjoy (?!) the run.

It was a great feeling running towards the finish line and through the finish tape!

A huge thanks to everyone for the support, and to my training buddies and coach Dave. (The 150km base ride the day before was obviously a good leg loosener!)

Thanks to my sponsors: 32Gi, New Balance SA, Gundle, Celtic Bicycle Wheels

Delighted with the win!

Result: 1st
(1.5km, 40km, 10km)
Swim 29:08, T1 0:51, Bike 1:11:44, T2 0:47, Run 44:43. Total 2:27:15

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