Tiletoria West Coast Express

Tiletoria West Coast Express Road RaceThe forecast for the weekend was for lots of rain so I hadnt really been expecting to ride. And I went for a lovely ride with New Balance on the Saturday up Bainskloof Pass.

It was my first race in my new PPA seeding H and there were only 2 other ladies in my starting group. Oh my word, they started off quick! And with the wind behind us we were averaging over 45km/h. I just tried to hide in the bunch and get carried along. The bunch split up the only hill on the route. Four of us managed to catch the front bunch again but my legs were tired from trying to catch them so as soon as I caught them I fell off!

There were 3 of us who worked together for about 20km and the front bunch wasnt too far ahead. We were heading back into the wind now and all of a sudden we were scooped up by the bunch behind and within minutes we caught the front bunch and were all back together.

The last 10kms was straight into the wind so I was more than happy to sit behind and let others do the work! I finished the 82km in 2 hrs 24 mins and 13th in the Ladies.

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