Western Province Duathlon Champs

WP Duathlon ChampsWP Duathlon champs at Killarney. I wasn’t sure what to expect here. Firstly it was only my second duathlon (my first being the Momentum iflex off road duathlon last month where I finished 5th overall) and secondly I wasn’t sure how fit I was, having had a relatively easy fortnight, being overseas. And I always find racing in the afternoon a bit strange. I never know what or when to eat.

The first 10km run went well. 4 laps of 2.5km was a bit mind numbing but I averaged 4 mins/km so was very pleased. (Now there are no excuses for me not to run a sub 40min 10km at my next road race!!) By the end I couldn’t wait to get onto my bike and have a ‘rest?’! I was lying in 2nd place so the pressure was on!! 6 laps on the bike was more like 12 as you basically doubled back on yourself. I began to tire slightly in lap 4 and 5 and my calves were being to cramp a bit, but I got focused again in lap 6 to come into transition 2 with Colla, who had passed me on lap 5. My calf muscles were cramping again as I changed back into my trainers but I managed to come out of transition in 3rd place. The first 500m always feels a bit surreal when you come off your bike and start running as your legs don’t feel like they are your own! I soon got into a rhythm and apart from a bit of cramping in my right inner thigh the second run went fine. I was very pleased to finish in overall 3rd place and 2nd in my age category in a time of 2:13:30 J Well done to team mates Colla and Catherine who were also in the medals. I definitely need to start taking anti-cramping tablets as this is now the third time its happened in a race. And I’m so pleased my back tyre was fine and stayed inflated!, having had issues with the valve yesterday. I’m so lucky to have been able to borrow Charl Smit’s bike since last November! I’m sure he’ll want it back soon. Perhaps after my wedding I will be able to buy my own, or better still, find a sponsor to give/lend me one?! Any offers??

NBMC photos taken by Riaan – VIEW HERE

Chris Hitchcock photos – VIEW HERE

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