Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge!

Jonkershoek Mountain ChallengeWOW! What more can I say except WOW! What an awesome trail run. It has the most spectacular views and I made sure that throughout the 30kms I kept admiring the beautiful environment in which I was running. And at least this year we could see more than 2m in front of our feet! It was pretty chilly as we set off from the start but within 4kays I was already regretting wearing my waterproof! It was quickly tied around my waist until I had time, while walking up the steep 2km incline at 7kms, to put it into my backpack. My legs probably weren’t as full of energy as I’d have like them to have been, due to Tuesdays 21km. At the first check point I was in 4th position. I could see the 3rd placed lady wasn’t too far ahead of me and as we started the decent my legs felt surprisingly good and I quickly hopped past her. I love the more technical trails and found it easy jumping down the rocks and through the streams. It wasn’t long before I could see Nicole, the 2nd placed lady, ahead of me. Great! I was slowly gaining on her,.. until I failed to pick up my right foot, tripped and head planted onto the path! For a second or two my legs cramped up and I wasn’t quite sure what was going on but they eased off fortunately. A little dazed I brushed myself off and had a quick look round to see if anyone had seen me!! Fortunately not! By now Nicole had disappeared into the distance. My legs started to cramp on and off. Something which has never happened to me before, except during the Argus. I’ve started taking cramping tablets, not daily but as and when I think I need them. Probably not the correct way to take them but cheaper not to take them every day if my body doesn’t need them!! However I had failed to take any this morning and I had failed to bring any with me! The only ‘food’ I was carrying with me was a PVM energy bar, a cereal bar, a couple of Gus (one of which I had already consumed) and some energellies. So I opted for some energellies. I’m not sure if they stopped my cramp but they gave me a boost of energy. And I drank the last of my litre of water. I felt good down the last few kays on the gravel track, until that sneaky climb less than 2kms from the end. I knew the 4th placed lady wasn’t close behind so I opted for a bit of run/walk/run until I reached the final single track down through the trees. I was pleased to see the finish line, but without the cramping I would have loved to have run another 30km! I’m so glad I had remembered to put some cash in my bag so I could buy some water and Powerade. And I was glad I had a rehydrate sachet in my first aid kit. I did have to laugh when I was sitting on the grass (unable to move as every time I did I cramped!), waiting for the prize giving (and slightly worryingly waiting for Pierre) when a guy came up to me saying ‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you’. I thought ‘Oh no, what have I done??!’ And he then said ‘Please don’t run past me again so fast!; how on earth do you run down those paths so quickly?! You’re like an antelope!’

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