IMSA 2021

The swim was hectic! Glad we had a swim though. Shame not full distance as I’m swim fit and would have shown later in the run. They shortened it to about 400m; swimming around one buoy. The pros swam 1.9km. Fortunately I’ve experience in swell and waves so I didn’t panic and knew once I got to the buoy I’d be fine.
I felt awesome on the bike. I surged a bit too much in the first 15 mins getting past people. We had a lovely tailwind out and headwind back. I barely saw anyone on the second lap. I think people without power meters probably biked too hard into the wind and therefore had no legs left for the second lap. The wind was picking up on the second lap which meant for some awesome speed out and then getting as aero as possible going back into the wind.
I never really found my run legs til the last lap! I wish I’d given myself a kick up the arse early on! I think my running legs were probably still a bit fatigued from Knysna (5 weeks earlier). These older bodies need longer time to recover!!
Happy with my age group win but I should have pushed myself to run a 3:30 marathon and be 2nd/3rd overall not 5th.

Swim: 00:14:36
T1: 00:03:58
Bike: 05:35:02
T2: 00:03:15
Run: 03:43:17
Total: 09:40:05
1st 40-44
5th overall age group

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