I have been crazy enough to virtual Everest twice within a week!

I had heard about a few people vEveresting and decided that I probably would never do it unless in lockdown. Everesting is climbing 8848m in one ride. I decided to chose Alpe du Zwift which would mean 8.6 times up. You can use the downhill to refuel and get ready for the next climb.

I kind of winged it with no nutrition plan and in hindsight should have eaten more earlier on. I changed bibs half way, but again in hindsight shouldn’t have bothered. I completed 9 climbs. My total riding time was 12:07:40, distance 228.90km, elevation gain 9,362m. (Strava 8848m vEverest time was 11:03:10)

I kept my heart rate fairly constant, around 130. And power around 180w.

1st climb: 66:00
2nd climb: 66:03
3rd climb: 66:35
4th climb: 65:35
5th climb: 67:33
6th climb: 69:37
7th climb: 71:08
8th climb: 69:45
9th climb: 67:32

I then decided that I wanted to do the double vEverest (17,696m). But I somehow lacked motivation this time. I’m blaming hormones! My legs felt fine but my head asked why I was doing it. So I decided that I would stop 10 times up Alpe du Zwift which would be a little bit over 10,000m elevation gain. My heart rate was lower this time (120) but I climbed slightly quicker. My total riding time was 13:10:10, distance 252km, elevation gain 10,390m.

1st climb: 64:37
2nd climb: 65:25
3rd climb: 64:12
4th climb: 65:15
5th climb: 66:10
6th climb: 66:12
7th climb: 68:09
8th climb: 68:17
9th climb: 64:55
10th climb: 67:46

Top tips for Everesting: good bib shorts (I wore Pavé performance bib shorts), a comfortable saddle (I use an ISM saddle), plenty anti chaffe cream (Wintergreen is my preferred brand), make sure you eat and drink from the start.

You can check Strava if you want to see my workouts:



You can check out the Everesting website if you want more info about Everesting:

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