Durban 70.3 2019

Was I fit? Of course 🙂 Was I ready to smash a 70.3 – no idea! Obviously Kona in October is my main A race this year. And obviously I’d like to do as well as I can at 70.3 world champs in September. The plan for this race was to have fun and was nice to have something to aim for after a tiny break after IMSA. I’d had a couple of BIG training weeks so it would be great to test my legs.
It was the first time Paul Ingpen gave me a rating for a race on Swimbikerun – which I was nice 😊 Although maybe I prefer being the quiet underdog?!
The conditions on race day were perfect.
The sea was flat and was a lovely 21c but sadly I had a fairly rubbish swim. Although at the time I felt like I was swimming quite well for me!
I quickly put it behind me and sprinted through T1; all 1.2km of it! Apparently I moved from 17th to 5th with my speedy transition!
I really enjoyed the bike leg, except for the congestion on the second lap. There were a couple of marshals near me most of the second lap who did their best to tell people to keep left. But sometimes there just wasn’t any room on the road for people to move over. I was pleased that my legs felt great and I managed to get my heart rate up and not be lazy! I actually felt like I was racing and not just saving myself for the run. I’m a fairly decent runner and now have the confidence that my running legs will be there after the 90km cycle. After doing 10+ 70.3s I’m finally getting the hang of it all 😉
The Durban run is always tough despite it being flat – or maybe in spite of it being flat; you always have to work. And it’s hot with very little shade.
My legs didn’t feel quite as amazing as I’d hoped but a 1:36 21km was fine.

Swim: 00:39:03
T1: 00:04:23
Bike: 02:31:11
T2: 00:02:33
Run: 01:36:45
Total: 04:53:54
1st 40-44
5th female overall

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