W2W Shiraz 2018

3 awesome days of mountain biking. So much fun! Even on a hard tail 😉

Day 1
Start batch: J
Time: 04:56:17
A fun day on the trails. Got held up quite a bit since we didnt have a good seeding, but the aim was just to relax and have fun.

Day 2
Start batch: F
Time: 03:40:41
Play day! Lots of single track. Lots of fun. Lots of dust! A couple of face plants by Cobus but fortunately no broken bones!

Day 3
Start batch: E
Time: 03:18:16
A change of route due to protests in Hermanus. Tough sharp climbs. More fun except for the dudes that clearly thought they could win the race from E batch!

Total time: 11:55:15
Mixed Cat: 24
GC: 242

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