Fedhealth 60km mtb

Fedhealth MTBFedhealth MTB
Wow, we are so lucky to have such beautiful trails on our doorstep!

A really great race with some tough climbs and technical descents.

I was cautious on the downhills due to a certain race being 2 weeks away! There was a scary steep descent after water point 1 which left me shaking!! And I was very pleased that I managed my first time down Hoogekraal’s Cobra with no falls, unclipping or stopping!

I pushed, where I could, on the climbs. It was frustrating at times being stuck behind people on the climbs since I had started in batch D. But it meant I could chill a little and enjoy the amazing views!

I loved the fact that I felt fantastic and strong at the end. I’m ready for IM Wales! Now it’s time to taper!

Time: 3:52:38
Overall female: 12th
Age Cat (sub vet): 6th

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