Nissan Trailseeker Grabouw

70km mtb marathon.
Beautiful day, fantastic route, well marked, no falls; loved every minute!
With Knysna mtb only a week away I decided it would be a good idea to get some mtb practice in. Grabouw has beautiful trails with some good technical sections so would be perfect. As long as I didn’t fall and hurt myself…quite likely with my track record!
It was perhaps not ideal starting in the last bunch, due to not having a mtb seeding, but at least it meant I had no pressure. Knee guards were on and I was ready to have some fun!
The route was very well marked. I rode fairly easy up to the first water point, tucking in behind some guys. But when they stopped for a refill I decided it was now time for me to push on at my own pace. There was a good mixture of jeep track and single track so there was plenty of places to overtake slower riders and I never felt pressurised by guys sitting on my wheel on the single track as I knew they would be able to pass me shortly if they wanted to. Not that I was that slow on the technical pieces anyway, I am proud to say! But I still need to improve my slightly lacking mtb skills and I should point out that nobody should follow my wheel cos its highly likely that I’ve taken the wrong line!
I really loved my morning in Grabouw and cant wait to get out on my mountain bike more!
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