Houwhoek Mtb Tour

Houwhoek MTB2 awesome days of mountain biking!
Day 1 was eventful with a puncture early on which wouldn’t seal and a couple of silly falls. I was slightly out of my depth starting in the ‘Racing’ bunch but after sorting my tyre I was happy that I could cruise at my own pace and not feel pressurised. My hill climbing is pretty rubbish at the moment and I’m fairly novicey when it comes to technical riding but I survived ok! My knee was looking a bit worse for wear after losing the front wheel round a corner on some jeep track, but hey, what’s a bit of blood and swelling?! There was some beautiful single track and amazing scenery and by the end of day 1 my bike skills had dramatically improved!
I loved Day 2. I was feeling much more confident and despite taking it relatively easy, since it wasnt a race, I finished not far behind the top ladies.
I’m off to buy some knee guards and I’ll definitely be on the mountain bike trails again very soon!
A huge thanks to Cyclefunatic for all their support. My Trek Superfly felt fantastic!

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