Ironman SA 2016

The swim felt like a 10km swim and it definitely wasnt my best swims. But with it behind me, now my race could begin.
I loved the bike leg. Beautiful scenery and feeling great. I really tried hard to keep my power down. For some reason I got extremely hungry on the bike and my usual nutrition wasnt enough; I knew this would affect me on the run later. I searched for food at the water tables and managed to grab a banana.
The 4 loop run started off well. Legs felt good and all was going to plan. All of a sudden towards the end of the first lap I needed to find a toilet. Quickly! Queueing for a toilet wasnt on my race plan! Feeling much better I continued on but now the heat was beginning to get to me. And I was still needing more food! I was very grateful for the potatoes and marmite sandwiches on the course!
I can remember a dark moment on the run, lacking energy, sore feet and tummy issues, and I said to myself ‘Why do I put myself through this? This is the last Ironman I’m going to do’, but I quickly realsied how lucky I am to be alive and healthy and told myself to HTFU! And the following day I was looking for the date of next years IMSA!! How is this sport so addictive?
Definitely still room for improvement in my race but I was happy enough finishing 4th.
Big thanks to my sponsors and to Dave (Wingman Multisport coach) – sorry for dissappointing you with my run!

Swim: 01:21:13
T1: 00:03:11
Bike: 05:31:37
T2: 00:02:23
Run: 03:40:35
Total: 10:38:59
IMSA 2016 run

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