Ironman 70.3 Buffalo City 2016

My swim as usual wasnt great! I just tried to keep relaxed and not burn any matches early on in the race. It seemed to take forever swimming back to shore. I always feel a smile on my face as my feet touch the sand again and know that now is time for me to get myself into the race and onto the podium. (I’m still hoping that one day this swimming thing will suddenly all click…one day…?!)
I was very happy with the cooler drizzly ‘Scottish’ weather on the bike. My heart rate was low and my power was almost as it should be! I came into T2 feeling good and ready to hopefully smash a great run.
Unfortunately I didnt run quite as well as I’d hoped, again due to cramping! (I’m still also hoping that one day I will manage to find a way of not cramping!) With the rolling start I had no idea where I was lying. Would I have pushed harder if I knew I was a minute behind 2nd place? Possibly but then again possibly not as at the time I felt I was giving it my all.
I still feel I haven’t conquered this course yet so despite thinking I wont race it next year, I’ll probably be back!
Thanks to sponsors, coach Dave and training buddies!
Swim: 00:36:50
T1: 00:04:02
Bike: 02:57:12
T2: 00:01:55
Run: 01:45:53
Total: 05:25:52
35-39 age cat: 3rd

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