Jailbreak 2015

Jailbreak 2015Jailbreak 2015
A nice win at the last triathlon of 2015 🙂 – Jailbreak Maximum.
The water temp was just over 24c but fortunately we were allowed wetsuits. I was slightly concerned I might overheat in my wetsuit but actually the water was perfect and I stuck to the plan of a steady even pace from the start.
For once I didn’t try to sprint out of the water but rather jogged and tried to keep my heart rate as low as possible before exiting T1.
I loved the 2 lap bike course. I quickly got into my zone and the relatively quiet road enabled full concentration. I worked out I was lying in 3rd; courses that double back are useful in this way.
The second lap was very different. Now the Minimum athletes were on the course too, so a little bit of dodging around them was required and ‘hellos’ to friends! I also knew that I was closing down the gap to the two ladies in front of me, and I came into T2 in second place.
Now out onto the run, I passed the leading lady within the first km. My legs were feeling good. The distance between myself and second place was increasing and it was great being able to relax and ‘enjoy’ the run.
The slightly cooler than usual Jailbreak weather was a welcome relief although I could still feel my body temperature soaring on the run and was very grateful for the ice at the water stations.
I was pleased that I managed to pace myself well from the start so I had legs for the run. And no cramping! 🙂 Until after the race!!
A really great and well run event to end 2015.
A big thanks to all my sponsors and coach Dave. Great support from fellow ‘wingmen’ too 🙂
Swim (2.2km): 00:42:58
T1: 00:02:03
Bike (71km): 02:06:39
T2: 00:01:06
Run (22.9km): 01:51:27
RESULT: 04:44:13 (1st female)

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