Double Century 2015

Craft Racing Team DC 2015One of my favourite cycling races and this year was no different. The night before the race I met most of my team for the first time! Could have been interesting/awkward/stressful riding in a team of strangers but they were all fantastic people and very strong cyclists!
The first 65km was as tough as expected. My climbing sucks at the moment so I knew once the two main climbs were done I’d be fine! Fortunately there were plenty of helping hands from the guys 🙂
The weather was a real mixture but to be honest it didnt really bother me. I still had a smile on my face as we cruised downhill at 60k/h with pelting rain and spray from the wheel in front making visibilty almost zero!
We finished with 9 riders, having lost one within the first 10km with a broken derailleur and another forfeiting his wheel when one of the 3 ladies punctured.
It was a good race against the other strong mixed teams but sad to miss out on 3rd place by less than a minute!
4th mixed team (Craft Racing)

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  1. Was great riding with you Jenny, being listed on to the team at the n’th hour I was very excited to RACE the DC with some very strong athletes. Be consistent and look for small gains.

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