Ama Rider 100 miler

Ama Rider 100 milerI had no idea how this Ama Rider 100 miler was going to go. My legs had felt tired during the week so I was expecting this to be a loooong day enjoying the beautiful countryside. Part of that was true – I did enjoy the stunning views and made sure I took time to look around and feel very grateful for being where I was.

I took it quite steady to begin with. I didnt want to bonk half way and have to crawl home. The route was mainly jeep tracks with a couple of short steep climbs but nothing too technical fortunately!

I rode with various small bunches until the water point at 110km. I set off from here thinking the bunch I had been riding with would catch me shortly and I could ride with them again, but no, it was a solo 54km home passing various weary 100 mile riders on the way and then catching the 50 mile riders too. I felt pretty strong through to the end – obviously my Ironman endurance still in me.

I had no idea what position I was in so was delighted to cross the finish line as 3rd lady overall, and first sub-vet. A great first off road race for me and next time I’ll be more competitive at the start and try hang on with the speedsters at the front

This was my first proper ride on my Trek Superfly and WOW it was amazing! It handled the terrain perfectly and flew on the open jeep tracks.

Ama Rider 100 miler Ama Rider 100 miler


Ama Rider 100 miler Ama Rider 100 miler

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