Jailbreak 2014

Jailbreak TriathlonI wasnt sure how this race would go since it was my first triathlon since Kona, and being somewhat of a shorter distance. I was pleasantly surprised!
The swim was pretty chaotic until after the first buoy when I managed to find some space. It definitely wasnt one of my best swims.
I was quickly out of T1 and it was now time to catch my breath, after the steep run out of transition, and settle into my zone. Quite quickly I had biked myself into second place. There were a couple of out-and-backs on the course which was great for me to see how far behind I was from the leading lady, Vicky. I was gaining on her but I knew I had to overtake her to have any chance of a win as she’s a speedy runner. Unfortunately I needed a few more kays to catch her.
I was happy with my run. It could have been a bit quicker, but I maintained a fairly constant pace throughout, despite a bit of cramping.
I was very happy with 2nd overall and it was great to receive some fantastic prizes!
Thanks to the organisers for a great and fun event, thanks to my sponsors (Gundle, New Balance SA and 32Gi) and thanks to Dave (my coach).

Swim (1.1km) – 00:19:08
T1 – 00:01:44
Bike (42km) – 01:09:57
T2 – 00:01:20
Run (10.5km) – 00:44:24
Total – 02:16:33
Overall lady: 2nd
30-39 lady: 1st