Die Burger 2013

Burger_MedalsAs we left Durbanville, at the crack of dawn, there was barely a breath of wind, but as we headed towards Stellenbosch the tops of the trees were beginning to sway…. it was going to be a windy ride, with a head wind from Wellington back to Stellenbosch. As long as I could keep up with the bunch up Helshoogte then I would be able to hide in the bunch.

Starting in A seeding and being one of about only 3 females was a little intimidating, but at least I knew some of the guys so felt a bit more at ease.

The start was the usual ‘sprint’ up Old Helshoogte; no one wanting to be left behind. There was plenty of time to recover down the other side.

The route had changed from last year so we headed towards Franschhoek before turning back towards Wellington. Much better in my opinion – far less potholes! As we turned off the Franschhoek road the pace picked up and the bunch began to split. I ended up in a small bunch of about 6. We worked well together until 3 of us pulled away, in the hope of catching the big bunch infront before Wellington.

Having caught the bunch before heading along the R44 back to Stellenbsoch we enjoyed a bit of a breather. However the pace was slowing with no one wanting to sit infront and do the work. I did more than my fair share of sitting in front until Eugene and I decided it was time to make a break and try and catch the next bunch.

On every climb we seemed to be gaining on the bunch but as soon as they hit a downhill they were away from us again. My legs were burning and I was struggling to hang onto the back of Eugene. I had a few solo kays before being picked up by the bunch behind.I was very grateful!

I was happy enough with my race. My legs were bound to be a bit tired from the previous weekend’s DC plus a decent week of training.

97km, 02:51:45, 13th lady

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