Coronation Double Century 2013

Coronation Double CenturyWe set off at a relatively calm pace; this suited me perfectly as I didnt want to burn out at 150km and I knew I wouldnt feel warmed up til after 40km.

We worked well together, but split on some of the climbs.

After 2 punctures, a water stop and some lack of communication we managed to loose Kris and Bianca  enroute. Fortunately we regrouped at the 30 minute support vehicle section.

After another puncture near Robertson, where we all stopped, we decided if we had another we would have to leave them if we were to achieve a decent time and placing.

I was feeling strong at the 150km mark so began helping some of the others up the hills. I had been a bit reluctant to help earlier incase I was going to be the one that needed help! A couple of our team were struggling with cramps etc and dropped off the back.

We decided to split (3 men and 3 ladies) with 40km to go, to try and get our sub 7 hours. It was a great team effort despite not finishing all together.

It was great to be part of the Allan Gray team; an awesome bunch of people. Thanks to Allan Gray for sponsoring us.

I really love this race and the weather was perfect this year 🙂

202km, 06:51:59, 12th mixed team (out of 59)

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