One Tonner 2013

One TonnerA windy but fun ride with my Allan Gray DC team.

The idea had been that half of our team would start in group G and the others would start in the lowest person’s seeding which was L. A few of the fast guys would drop back and start with them in the hope that they would catch the front team members somewhere en route. That was the plan…however they never managed to catch us, even with a couple of stops on the way.

The wind was behind us at the start and the five of us hid in the group G/H bunch enjoying the free ride until Bothmanskloof Pass. We decided to have a quick water stop to refil our bottles and then slowly climb the pass in the hope that the other team members might catch us here. We waited at the top briefly before deciding we’d just keep going and no doubt the others would catch us at some point… It was a shame to loose our bunch as it meant we’d have to start doing some work. We got a good formation going and picked up a few others along the way.

One TonnerFrom Malmesbury back to the finish, about 60km, we had the wind to battle with. Nobody else seemed keen nor had the energy to sit at the front and pull the bunch along, by now quite a large bunch, so it was myself and a couple of my Allan Gray team mates who had to do all the work.

It was great feeling strong all the way; I definitely got my nutrition right. I made sure I started snacking early on in the race and at regular frequent intervals.

Time: 5:39:23

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