Gun Run 10km

The Gun Run 2013Lining up on the start line with tired/sore legs didnt fill me with much hope for a fast 10km race! Before the start gun was fired I told Dean not to wait for me as I wasnt sure how my legs would hold up. The aim was to run the first 5km in 20 mins and then push on from there.

Within the first 200m I could feel my tight quads and hamstrings squealing out at me. It was going to be a tough race,… but my thinking was that with sore legs already, they couldnt actually get much more sore so toughen up and just run!

The wind was behind us from about 2km-4km which helped us pick up some speed and gain some time before the small incline up to the 5km mark. Amazingly we reached 5km pretty much spot on 20:00.

At 6km I was feeling strong. Its amazing how short a 10km feels after running a marathon so I was delighted and motivated by the fact I was over half way already! The last few kays were into the wind but I tried to keep my rhythm and keep focusing.

I actually finished strong, and slightly wish I’d pushed that little bit harder earlier so I could have got a sub 40!

Time: 40:10

13th lady overall, 8th open lady

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