PPC Riebeeck 21km

2nd lady (1:33:40)  🙂

2 races in one weekend…am I mad?! It seemed a good idea when I entered! There was no way I was going to take this race easy to save myself for tomorrow’s trail run; it would have been the sensible option but even if I planned it that way, as soon as the start gun goes I know I would be in racing mode! Plus my husband was feeling quite confident that he would beat me today so there was no way I could ease off! (#householdbraggingrights!) He had already stolen my pace maker, Dean, so I was on my own!

The course consisted of an out and back with rolling hills. Not a pb route, but my aim was for a sub 1.35 … and to beat Pierre! 🙂

I set off feeling comfortable. I could hear a few chirps behind me from Pierre and Dean but I just ignored them and concentrated on getting into a rhythm. A club mate, Brendon, was shortly running with me. He’d obviously had enough of Pierre and Dean’s chat already!!

The rolling hills were quite tough: I enjoyed the downhills but just concentrated hard on the uphills. Whenever I looked down at my watch my speed didnt seem great so I kept on pushing. I was lying in 2nd place and could see the leading lady about a minute in front.

Not long after the turn around point I lost Brendon as I pushed up the hill back to the main road. The run back seemed to go much more quickly. I could feel my legs tiring on the hills but it was a confidence booster passing some of the 10km runners/walkers! It was a pleasant surprise when we turned back into the PPC entrance as I thought we had another climb to go!

I felt strong for the final 2 kays, although the last 500m climb to the finish line reminded me that it hadnt just been a gentle 21km stroll!

I was very pleased to finish in second place, run a sub 1.34 and beat my husband (hehe!) 😉 And my club, New Balance Multisports Club, won the ladies team prize.

Now it was time for my 32Gi recovery drink, compression socks and as much rest as possible before tomorrow’s trail run!

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