Cape Winter Trail Series 2013 #1

CWTS2013 Paul CluverPaul Cluver

A win! Yay 🙂

A perfect day and a beautiful venue for the #spurtrailseries race no.1

As usual I had a wardrobe dilema as I wasnt sure how many layers to wear; there was a slight chill in the air but I new as soon as we started running I would be sweating.

I made sure I was well positioned at the start and I knew I had to stick on the heels of Marie Wessels. The first half of the race was a long climb up to the top, nothing technical, just quite steep, so the odd bit of walking was inevitable. I was definitely feeling fitter than last winter’s Paul Cluver trail run but my quads and calves were still burning. I kept Marie in my sight and my plan was to pounce once we started on the downhill single track. I overtook Marie quite early on the downhill. I was feeling great 🙂 , jumped swiftly down through the gorge via the ropes and was quickly down onto the jeep track. I looked behind but couldnt see Marie or any other ladies. I just had to maintain my pace for the final few kays. I had a big smile on my face as I came down the final hill to the finish line. Very happy with my win 🙂 and about 4 minutes infront of second placed Marie.

Time: 1:25:40

CWTS2013 Paul Cluver

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