New Balance trainers and trail shoes

New Balance 870 trainersI decided to change trainer brands in March 2013, having worn a particular brand for many years, and oh how so very glad I did! I was a bit worried to change a month before Ironman as I thought it might take a while to wear them in. How wrong I was! After my first run I was in love with them! No burning soles, no blisters, no injuries whatsoever. They are the comfiest trainers I have ever had. The 870 v2 are lightweight yet have enough protection on the soles for long distance running. They are neutral with a very slight stability on the arch. Perfect for me with collapsed arches, the left one worse after breaking a bone in my foot in a horse-riding accident. The heels of the soles are beginning to wear away now after 4 months but I’ve done quite alot of mileage in them so it’s what I would expect. I get a bit lazy on long runs when I’m tired and drag my heels 🙁  I normally change my trainers every 6 months so I will be looking to purchase another pair soon. So all in all, if you are looking for a neutral lightweight trainer, with a touch of stability, that you can wear for 5kms or marathons, then definitely try the New Balance 870s. I just wish I had changed to New Balance trainers years ago! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

New Balance Minimus Trail ShoesAt a similar time to buying my NB trainers I bought a pair of New Balance minimus 1010 trail shoes with vibram soles. Due to their low profile you need to gradually increase your time/distance running in these, which I have done. And again, as with my NB trainers, I love them! So lightweight they feel like slippers, yet plenty of protection on the soles so that you cant feel every stone you step on. They had their first real test a couple of weeks ago; a 20km training run at Paarl rock. They were brilliant. They were perfect for the varied terrain; no slipping or sliding due to the grips on the soles. They offer enough support for me and I have had no injuries as a result in wearing these. And no blue toe nails! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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